Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our reason for being

This is the blog of two ovo-lacto vegetarians who turned away from meat because we love animals. And we're here to help out those who want to make the shift, too.

We start with this blog's reason for being. it's pretty simple, really. We want this blog to be a source page for people who want to turn ovo-lacto vegetarian. Our belief is this: shifting from a carnivore diet to ovo-lacto vegetarian is doable, simple, and inexpensive. As our blog title suggests, this blog is all about an inexpensive Filipino ovo-lacto vegetarian lifestyle. We will feature recipes of traditional Filipino favorites that we prepare in our kitchen. We will also have articles on nutrition and vegetables, fruits, and other foodstuff; reviews of vegetarian products, groceries, and restaurants; and profiles of Filipino vegetarians.

We decided to come up with this blog because we have noticed that many people get discouraged from turning vegetarian because it seems complicated and expensive. And others are worried it means eating only Indian and other "exotic" food. Some others get discouraged because quite a number of the high-profile vegetarians and vegetarian places in Metro Manila are "too New Age" and "too strange they're like aliens." This blog aims to address these concerns and help carnivores transition to vegetarianism and stay there.